How to Revolutionise Your Training Videos

Date Published: May 16, 2016

There’s really no way to soften the blow: training videos are awful. If you’ve ever had a corporate job, you have probably sat through hours of training videos. Typically, they are poorly filmed, poorly acted, and poorly written. The creators of the training videos were onto something very real, but they went about it all wrong. Some people learn best when they can see and hear their instructions coming from a live person. It’s the reason people tend to learn better in classroom settings instead of online education. They need the stimulation of another human being and live action. However, when the videos are created poorly, they aren’t as effective as they could be.

When the video is boring and the lighting is bad, people are likely to lose interest. Once you lose their attention, they can’t learn. Also, if it’s not written well, it could be confusing or uninteresting, which will result in fewer people paying attention.

Well-Made Videos

It’s absolutely incredible when you find a company that will produce a well-made corporate video in Brisbane. These are videos that are created by professionals who understand their craft and take it seriously. It might sound somewhat silly to people who have only seen bad corporate films, but if you’ve seen a good one, you know how effective they can be. Hiring professionals also greatly reduces the amount of work you have to do.

A video is made in several parts that are pretty time consuming. First, you have to write the script, which could take weeks itself. Then you have to enlist actors and teach them the script. You have to find a good location, light your scenes, and shoot them. This all requires a lot of equipment. If you don’t have that equipment, people try to do without. That’s often why corporate films are made so poorly. When you hire professionals, they know how to write a great script, they have the tools to film a top-notch video, and they know how to use them.

The Time Saved

The time you will save by hiring professionals could reduce a lot of headaches around your office. When you look for people to work at your corporation, you probably look for talented individuals who have skills and experience that will be of use to you. Why wouldn’t you apply that same rigour to the process of making your video? You should look for people who have the talents and skills needed to create a great video. You should also look for ones who will be able to work on a specific timeline. When you have a timeframe in front of you, you can predict what to expect. It’s easier to find work that way, it’s easier to pay for it, and it’s easier to get a product that you are happy with. Reducing the amount of uncertainty is absolutely critical. 

If you’re looking to create a video for your corporation, you would be well-served if you hired professionals. They will know how to produce the sort of video you need. 

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